Hours of Operation: Monday—Friday 9:00 AM—5:00

Main Office: 519-253-3243



Requirements: 75% attendance + Successful completion of Business Plan
Incentive: $500.00 + Potential of Seed Money and Employment Supports & “Handmade wooden gift”
Learn the basics of owning and operating a business within the confinements of provincial and federal law. Learn on a macro level how to obtain and sustain a customer base, market your product, leverage supply chains and mitigate risks.

Learn the basics of entry level woodworking and carpentry. Learn how to safely operate basic power tools and other woodworking/carpentry equipment. Learn how to create and assemble basic sellable woodworking projects. Project examples include: Birdhouses, Adirondack chairs, cutting boards, live edge benches, live edge tables, etc.

September 23, 2019
Cristina Melnik
Small Business Center
09:30- 11:30
° Starting a business
° Small business center services
° Survival tips
° Is entrepreneurship right for you?
° Business planning/ Business funding
° Business registration, CRA, municipal licenses & permits
° Government financial assistance and grants
° Non Funded Interventions:
° Resume, Cover letter, job applications

John McNeil
Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre
12:30- 1:30
° Health and Safety
° What is PPE?
° Best practices for safety
September 24, 2019
John McNeil
Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre
09:30- 2:30
° Basic non-power tool skills
° Basic furniture assembly
° Basic guide/instruction reading skills
° Adirondack chairs and cabinets/shelves

September 25, 2019
John McNeil
Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre
09:30- 2:30
° Intro to basic power tools
° Cutting/nailing/gluing
° Birdhouses and small projects
September 26, 2019
Janice Smith
Health and Wellness Workshop Facilitator
10:00- 13:00
° Positive Impressions and Professionalism
° Positive first impression, body language, greetings, conversation techniques and more. There will also be additional material regarding Attitude, Positivity, Integrity, Reliability, Ambition, Respect, Accountability and Appreciation.

September 27, 2019
Christian LeClair
Trim Master – Carpentry
09:30- 3:30
° Intro to moderate woodworking
° Routers/sanders/planers
° Live edge work (tables, charcuterie boards, cutting boards)

September 30, 2019
Jess Critchlow
Light UP Work
° Intro to Risk Management
° What is risk?
° 5 different risk categories
° How to identify industry specific risks
° How to build and execute a Risk Mitigation plan
° Intro to People Management workshop
° Knowledge and skill acquisition
° Identifying a role, how to hire the right person
° 3 key pillars of leading a team
° Benefits of feedback
° Turnover

October 1, 2019
Gail Robertson
10:00- 1:30
° Developing Leadership Capacity & Social Media
° What makes a good leader?
° Value of goal setting and improvement plans
° Improving efficiency and time management
° Social media subject matter
° Building your brand

October 2, 2019
Sean Solomon
Solomon Financial Investment Group
° Financial Literacy
° RRSP, TFSA, Investment strategies
° Pay yourself first

October 3, 2019
Apollo Blackeagle
Walpole Island Arborist
09:30- 4:30
°Tree felling
°Wood slabbing
°Basic arborist intro
°Q&A with arborist/woodworking professional
October 4, 2019
Anthony Papa
14:00- 16:00

° Union, policy and procedure
° Recruiting, employee sustainability
° Provisions, employment agreements


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