Hours of Operation: Monday—Friday 9:00 AM—5:00

Wasa-Nabin: 519-253-3243 ext. 232


To Look Forward, to look beyond

The program is client base and has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive set of activites for “at risk” urban Aboriginal youth between the ages of 13 to 18 yrs of age.

The Wasa-Nabin program is based on a fundamental principle: to improve the quality of life of urban Aboriginal youth through the delivery of cultural appropriate services and programs.

The Wasa-Nabin program is designed around a youth’s specifc need at time of intake and the need may fall under one of 6 objectives:

  • General Social Supports – provide a supportive, safe and culturally appropriate program. eg.sharing circles, support circles, one on one’s, socials & peer counselling
  • Youth in Care – Provide outreach to youth in care that may not have access to their culture. Also include foster parents and biological parents.
  • Healthy Eating and Physical Development – Provide exposure and knowledge of traditional foods and provide informed healthy nutritional choices. Provide physical activities.
  • Education – Develop an ongoing relationship with teachers, principals, and where necessary in order to support Aboriginal students in achieving success in school.
  • Justice Intervention – Involvement with youth in the criminal justice system, advocate and support. Streetwolf was developed for the youth as a diversion program, or conjunction with, other sanctions the court may impose. Also provide community support hours.
  • Addressing Violence – Address issue by collaboration with the Kishaay Anishnaabe Niin (I am a Kind Man). Workshops on healthy relationships, problem solving and decision making.


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