Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre
Hours of Operation: Monday—Friday 9:00 AM—5:00

Main Office: 519-253-3243

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The Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre is driven by the desire of Aboriginal peoples within the areas of Windsor and Essex County to become a self-sufficient, self-determining, self-governing community. Historically, the Friendship Centre has been the focal point for Aboriginal peoples within the urban environment.

The Centre was incorporated in 1982 to facilitate the acquisition of key administrative funding. The Centre itself retains the grassroots support and direction that was evident in the founding members. The Centre and the Aboriginal community are inter-linked, seemingly a single entity.

The decade of the 1980’s saw moderate growth of the organization, as the community sought increased programming for their children, adult basic literacy, social counseling, and community development activities. Relationships were being initiated between the Aboriginal community and the greater Windsor community.

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1 – 1699 Northway Avenue

Windsor ON N9B 3L8



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