Akwe:Go Program

The Program has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive set of activities for at risk urban Indigenous children aged 7-12. As with all OFIFC programs, the Akwe:go Children’s Program is designed based on a fundamental principle: to improve the quality of life of urban Indigenous children through the delivery of culturally appropriate services and programs

Contact Chelsea at akwego@caifc.ca for more information

Client-Based Program Activities

  1. General Social Support
    • Many children have limited access to culturally appropriate social supports, which would assist them in making healthy, and informed life choices.
    • Provide a supportive, safe and culturally appropriate programme environment for Indigenous children. E.g., Sharing Circles, Support Circles, & Peer Counseling Services.
  2. Children In Care
    • Provide outreach to children in care that may not have access to their culture. Advocacy for client & care givers.
    • Activities will be provided that will have a positive impact on the family, whether the family is biological or foster/guardian. Cultural Camp for child/parents
  3. Healthy Eating and Physical Development
    • Poor nutrition and school absences related to poor health can be a result of poor nutrition and moving away from the traditional diet.
    • Provide exposure and knowledge of traditional foods.
    • Provide participants to make informed nutritional choices.
    • Provide physical activities and access to the YMCA with the Akwe:go worker.
  4. Alternatives to Insitutional Involvement (i.e. Child Welfare and Justice System)
    • Develop an on-going relationships with teachers, principals and where necessary, school boards in order to support urban Indigenous children in achieving success in school. Plus having the option of learning Native Language, verbally and in written form. After school tutoring also available.
  5. Children At-Risk with Additional Challeneged (FASD)
    • Provide cultural awareness and advocacy for children and their families.

Accessing Services

The Akwe:go Program is a client based programme/referral due to its focus on individualized support. Referrals can be made by parents/care givers, or by any agency or organization involved in the child’s life.

After the initial referral, the child must go through an intake process with the AKWE:GO Worker to determine if they are eligible to become a client of the programme. Once the intake process is complete the AKWE:GO Worker will take a few days to complete a client assessment to determine their highest need of service. Once this has been done an appointment will be set up to meet the client/parents to develop an individualized action plan addressing clients specific need.