Urban Indigenous Healthy Living Program

Empowering individuals to live healthy, active lifestyles.

The Urban Indigenous Healthy Living Programme (UAHLP) was designed to increase participation of Urban Indigenous people in sport, physical fitness activities, recreation and other health promotion programmes that promote healthy lifestyle behaviors.

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  • Smoking Cessation
  • Diabetes Education
  • Youth Sports and Recreation
  • Healthy Babies
  • Nutrition

Description of Programs

Open Gym Night

  • Children and youth are invited to attend an open gym night held at St. Bernard Gymnasium on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 6:00pm to 8:00pm.
  • Recreational activities such as; floor hockey, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, etc will be offered to the participants. (No fee for this programme) (Starts September 27th, 2010)

Beginner Yoga / Meditation Class

  • Participants may attend one or both of these classes.
  • Meditation – the purpose of meditation is to cultivate those states of mind that are conductive to peace and well-being, and to eradicate those that aren’t.
  • Yoga – the benefits of Yoga is a strengthened immune system, enhanced strength and flexibility, improved circulation.

Holistic Massage Therapy

  • Come in for a 15 minute session that will ensure you to loosen sore neck, back, shoulders and arms. This massage can also have benefits with headaches, sinus pressure and jaw pain. Massage has been shown to benefit body in; stimulating the lymphatic system which will greatly increase the immune system, aid in decreasing anxiety/stress, relaxes muscles, and improves range of motion.
  • Where else can you go for a free massage at the end of a hard, stressful week!

Healthy Cooking Class

  • The goal of this class is to teach participants that good, wholesome foods do not have to taste bad.
  • Learn how to prep diabetes friendly cuisine and nutritional food that will make you healthier and more vibrant.

Cardio / Pump Kick-Box

  • Jab, cross, and hook your way to a better you!
  • This class is a challenging workout that ensures a great calorie burn and is ensured to wake-up all those sleepy muscles.
  • Thursdays a High Rep weight lifting component will be added.

Self-Defence Class

  • Practical moves that will ensure you to have the confidence to defend yourself in an attack.
  • Moves are practical and allow you to get the advantage needed when an assailant attacks without warning.
  • Class is designed for all fitness levels and ages.

Senior Fitness Class

  • This program offers mild cardio, strength and flexibility exercises that will enhance the fitness level of any participant.
  • Classes are designed for the Senior population but individuals just starting out in a program are welcome to attend.