Indigenous Health Outreach Worker

This component funds full-time equivalent urban Indigenous community health workers in locations that are not approved for Indigenous Health Access Centre’s. The focus of Health Outreach Workers is to organize and facilitate health promotion, illness prevention and family violence workshops and seminars, refer clients to link with Indigenous cultural resource people and appropriate health service providers/agencies as well as provide client support and home visits.

In addition, workers will liaise with Indigenous and mainstream health service providers / agencies to increase access to client services and to increase Indigenous representation on health decision-making bodies. Indigenous cultural approaches will be reflected or used as a part of the activities and services.

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Program Goals

  • To form a relationship between the Indigenous Communities and mainstream health providers to promote a better understanding of Indigenous people’s needs through the health related community development activities.
  • To increase the number of Indigenous specific health care initiatives available to the Indigenous Community through workshops, education seminars, and sharing circles.
  • To assist the Indigenous community with their health needs through health promotion, education and referrals to provide a link to Indigenous cultural resources, and mainstream health provider, services and agencies.

Summary of Service Provided

  • Friendly home and hospital visits.
  • Assistance with obtaining health, birth and status card applications.
  • Referral to other organizations, agencies and health services as needed.
  • Information sessions, workshops and gatherings on a variety of health issues and concerns.
  • Updated information on the Non-Insured Health Benefits. (Available Upon Request)
  • One-to-One Peer Counselling
  • Health Advocacy

Program Activities

  • Can-Am IFC Potluck & Social (Last Tuesday of every month September – June)
  • Diabetes Information / Support Program
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Sexual Health Program
  • Weight Loss Program