Indigenous Alcohol & Drug Worker Program

Providing individuals and families with the personal community support that they need on their path to recovery.


Program Philosophy

Addictions are developmental and/or adaptive behaviors/habits that have several known and unknown causes. Addictions are commonly routed in our childhood as a result of trauma(s) which may be rooted in a cultural, social, economic, institutional, political and medical/pathological in context.

The most difficult addictions to address are those which have shaped our lives, through our families and communities during a given history. The intergenerational effects of the Residential School System and the 1960’s C.A.S. Scoop” are examples of these”.


Program Approach

There is no single path to recovery. However, our program will assist you in customizing your approach to achieving and maintaining your sobriety. By simply taking care of their original “medicine bundle” our fore parents lived clean, strong and orderly lives for thousands of years.

Join us in rediscovering how they accomplished this in accordance with the 7 Grandfather Teachings and many other Sacred Laws that will guide you on your journey!

While we cannot undo the realities of our past; we can create positive changes in ourselves, our families and our communities starting today. We can begin by developing a greater awareness of the current and historical Issues and Isms that affect our lives and the choices we make daily.

Combined with knowledge and awareness of our “sacred self”, we have more than just hope for a better lifestyle…we can achieve a life of balance for ourselves and others in our “natural medicine” wheel.

Program Goals

  • To provide Traditional and Non-Traditional Addictions Prevention, Recovery and Rehabilitation services; primarily to members of the Indigenous community of Windsor / Essex. Traditional services include, but are not limited to Smudging, Sharing Circles, Sweat Lodges, Fasting and other Healing Ceremonies. Non-Traditional Services include 1:1 Intake, Assessment and Referrals, Motivational Interviewing, and Educational Presentations/Workshops.
  • To provide Aftercare Support to members of the Indigenous community of Windsor / Essex who have returned from a Residential Healing Lodge; or who have graduated from a Residential Treatment Program. After Care Support will focus on Basic Needs, Relapse Prevention, and Advocacy with various other Community Resources such as Ontario Works, Ontario Disability, Legal Assistance and/or the Children’s Aid Society.

Program Activities

  • Traditional Healing Lodges and Ceremonies
  • Community Sharing Circle
  • Client Consultation
  • Client Assessment (Using Agency and Ministry Standards)
  • Client Treatment Referral (To Traditional / Non-Traditional Treatment Centres with recognized Community Healers and/or Certified Addictions Counselors)

Other Activities

  • Peer-to-Peer Support
  • Educational Tutoring
  • Nutrition, Excerise and Fitness Program
  • Recreational Outings
  • Pow Wows
  • Community Advocacy and Support (Housing, Clothing, Food & Advocacy i.e. C.A.S., O.W., O.D.S.P., etc)

All Are Welcome to Attend and Participate!