Indigenous Child & Youth Mental Health and Addictions Program

(Serving ages 0-18, including their families, in Windsor-Essex County)

Program Overview

The Indigenous Child & Youth Mental Health and Addictions program (AYCMHA) provides friendly and confidential support to children and youth up to the age of 18 who (i)are struggling with mental health and/or addictions issues, (ii) may be experiencing difficulty navigating services in the community, or (iii) may simply have questions or concerns. This program is accessible regardless of a formal diagnosis, and welcomes family involvement.

Program Philosophy

The AYCMHA program is based within an Indigenous wholistic world view which understands mental health and wellness as balance between one’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical self. Principles of this program include: person centered planning based on individual needs, self-determination and choice. Further, the AYMHA program will include cultural traditions and teachings, as well as access to ceremonies.

AYCMHA Online intake forms

Description of Services

The AYCMHA Program Offers:

  • Individual & Family Counselling (Online counselling option for County residents).
  • Group-based prevention programs such as the Mino Bimaw (Living a Good Life) Children’s Program.
  • Group-based positive coping programs for children who are often feeling low, anxious fearful and having trouble with anger.
  • Parent / Caregiver skill building workshops and support.
  • Community outreach and support in conjunction with schools, foster parents, hospitals, etc.
  • Information about mental health services & resources in the community and support in accesses those services.

Program participants make their own wellness plan based on personal goals and work at their own pace to achieve these goals with the support of the AYCMHA Worker.

Community-led Programming

Community feedback is essential in ensuring that the AYCMHA program is meeting the needs of our children and youth, as well as filling the gaps that exist in our community. Please feel free to contact the AYCMHA Worker to share any ideas or insight. Miigwetch!