We offer a wide range of Programs. Please see the list below.

Indigenous Alcohol & Drug Worker Program

To provide Traditional and Non-Traditional addictions prevention, recovery and rehabilitation services.

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Indigenous Child & Youth Mental Health and Addictions Program

(Serving ages 0-18, including their families, in Windsor-Essex County)

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Indigenous Community Mental Health Program

Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, the Indigenous Community Mental Health Program provides culture based mental health services to Indigenous people regardless of their legal definition.

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Cultural Resource Coordinator

Program will provide a consistent cultural framework. This position will coordinate and support all junctures of cultural knowledge transfer and planning from a preventative approach.

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Family Wellness Worker

The Family Wellness program was created to address the Calls to Action in the Truth & Reconciliation report.

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Indigenous Court Worker Program

To create opportunities for Indigenous people to understand their legal rights, and responsibilities within the Criminal, Family, Youth, and Correctional systems.

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Indigenous Healing and Wellness Coordinator

Ensure that the healing and wellness needs of the Indigenous community are addressed.

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Indigenous Health Outreach Worker

This program funds full-time equivalent urban Indigenous community health workers in locations that are not approved for Indigenous Health Access Centre’s.

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Indigenous Healthy Babies Healthy Children

To assist all Indigenous families to provide the best opportunities for healthy development for children up to 6 years of age.

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Indigenous Housing Advocate

The Indigenous Housing Advocate supports the Indigenous community who are homeless or at risk of homelessness though the entire process of ensuring that Indigenous individuals and families succeed in securing their preferred housing, by providing simple, coordinated and consistent access to programs.

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Akwe:Go Program

The Program has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive set of activities for at risk urban Indigenous children aged 7-12. As with all OFIFC programs, the Akwe:go Children’s Program is designed based on a fundamental principle: to improve the quality of life of urban Indigenous children through the delivery of culturally appropriate services and programs.

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Apatisiwin Program

To provide strength, promote self–reliance, enhance the unity of our people, and improve opportunities for meaningful employment through self-determined activities and building employment and training capacity, now and seven generations into the future.

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Latiy^te’hta?as Literacy Program

Latiy^te’hta?as Literacy Program is an adult education program offering help to people who wish to upgrade their education for self-improvement / personal reasons, to get ready for employment and to prepare for further training / education. Assistance is available in English, Math and Computers. Ages 19 years or older.

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Life Long Care Program

To promote the highest possible quality of life and personal independence for our clients.

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Urban Indigenous Healthy Living Program

Empowering individuals to live healthy, active lifestyles.

The Urban Indigenous Healthy Living Programme (UAHLP) was designed to increase participation of Urban Indigenous people in sport, physical fitness activities, recreation and other health promotion programmes that promote healthy lifestyle behaviours.

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Urban Indigenous Healthy Living- Healthy Kids

This program helps improve the health and well being of Urban Indigenous Children and families before they develop health issues.

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To Look Forward, to look beyond

The program is client base and has been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive set of activities for “at risk” urban Indigenous youth between the ages of 13 to 18 yrs of age.

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Information on Obtaining Indian Status

Please click on the link below for information about how to obtain Indian Status.

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